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Producer Alexander Dostal Shot Kill Run HideKommersant -- During the winter of 1981, there was a monumental amount of violence inside the Kirov forest.Nikolay Patolichev is a regional police chief under the thumb of influential oblast Communist Party Chairman Vitaly Vorotnikov and his family. When Patolichev’s two teenage sons, Adrik and Zory, accidentally shoot and kill Vorotnikov inside a boar-hunt, Patolichev ‘s long-held allegiance on the way to the Communist Party and the corrupt Vorotnikov family is tested. Zory (even a minor) takes the blame for his older brother Adrik, but the Vorotnikov family’s quick retaliation plans change everything. Desperate and guilt-ridden, Adrik breaks Zory out of police custody and sets off a long chase through the thick forest. Nikolay Patolichev’s choice between the law and his sons leads ...

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